Thank you for your interest in logo design and branding by Hemlock Ridge Designs! This page is under construction and is very bare-bones. as we are still in the pre-launch phase. If you are here, that means you've been sent here by Lauren to learn more about the process and potentially book a discounted project during pre-launch.


LAST UPDATED: Jan 27, 2021 at 6pm


Pricing  and Availability TBD

I plan to have multiple semi-custom logos available at a lower price point, as well. The designs will be pre-made with a fake business name and I will work with you to decide on which one best fits your brand aesthetic. One we have picked a design, we'll work together on a color palette and I will update the design to swap out the fake business name for the name of your business or brand.




To book me for your logo design project, fill out the Logo Design Inquiry form so I can get your contact details and learn more about what you are looking for (if I already have your email, you are all set for now and I will be in touch). I will review your information and get in touch to kick off the process.


I will then send you a contract outlining the project and the rights each of us have as the designer and client (nothing fancy!). Once you have signed the contract, you will be directed to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price of the package you chose in order to formally start the project.

Once I have the signed contract and deposit from you, it's time the get started on the fun part! I will send you a branding questionnaire to learn more about you, your brand, and the aesthetic that you are looking for. This helps me get an understanding of what you like and don't like and serves as the basis for further conversations that we will have throughout the process.

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you will be prompted to set up an initial 1-hour kickoff meeting with me. During this time, we will further discuss what your goals are for your logo and branding and nail down some of the finer details.


After the kickoff meeting, I will get to work on the first drafts of your logo(s) and any other branding pieces included in your package. Within 5 business days, I will deliver the first round of your designs to your inbox. You'll be prompted to review the designs, note your questions and desired edits, and schedule our first 30-minute edit meeting. I encourage an open dialog via email throughout this design period, so you are free to reply to my emails with questions and notes that I can review and consider ahead of time for the edit meeting(s). The edit meetings are about you and the changes you want to see made to the designs. I will likely make live "back of the napkin" edits to the designs during these meetings to get a better idea of the direction you want to take. I want to make sure you love what we create together!

Depending on the package you purchased, we will go back and forth with design updates and edit meetings until we have landed on final designs. At that point, you will be prompted to pay the remaining 50% balance. Once I have received that payment from you, it's time for the final delivery!

I will finalize all of your designs into individual files and a final branding board and upload them to a cloud file storage location. The logo designs will be available as high-quality  PNG and TIFF image files with transparent backgrounds, and I will also include any other files relevant to your package (such as font downloads). I will send you your custom link to the storage location where you can directly download all of your finalized design files.



Tier 1 - You just want the basics

$310 ($155 at pre-launch discount)

Price subject to change prior to launch

  • 1 main logo

  • Custom color palette

  • 2 rounds of edits

Tier 2 - You want more than just a logo, you want the look of a brand

$550 ($275 at pre-launch discount)

Price subject to change prior to launch

  • 1 main logo

  • Custom color palette

  • 1 alternate logo

  • 1 submark/ favicon

  • 2 custom-chosen fonts (header and body)

  • 3 rounds of edits

Tier 3 - You want a brand plus some extras!

$720 ($360 at pre-launch discount)

Price subject to change prior to launch

  • 1 main logo

  • Custom color palette

  • 2 alternate logos

  • 1 submark/ favicon

  • 3 custom-chosen fonts (header, body, and accent)

  • Complimentary business card design

  • An add-on of your choice

  • 5 rounds of edits

Add-ons - Additional deliverables that can be added to the above packages at additional costs

Get in touch for pricing

  • Design of 1 physical product, like stationery, tags, stickers, labels, magnets, etc.

  • 5 Digital handwritten headers (think: things like "About Me" and "Services" written to match your branding for use on your website or in print)

  • 5 branded Instagram highlight covers

  • 3 Branded clip art images for use on your Instagram stories or website (think: "new post" or "coming soon" drawings in your brands colors and/or fonts)

  • 1 website wallpaper

  • Branded GIFs (coming soon!)

Not seeing what you are looking for? Get in touch! I'd love to learn more about what you are envisioning and see if we can work together to make it come to life.



While I am currently working on building up my logo design and branding portfolio (that's where you come in!), I have done many commissioned digital lettering and design projects in the past. I am also a calligraphy instructor through Sip & Script (R), a nationally-recognized platform for learning modern calligraphy.

Please head over to my draft Portfolio page for example work.



What is the turnaround time?

End to end turnaround depends on many factors, since there are many steps to the process, but my guarantee to you is that I will deliver each round of design updates with 5 business days of our previous meeting.

What are Hemlock's business days?

Monday through Friday, excluding all major US holidays

What if we've used up all the rounds of edits as per the package that I purchased?

Additional edit rounds can be added to each package tier if needed at an additional cost. Let's make sure everything comes out exactly how you want it!

What is a submark/ favicon?

The green circle with "hr" in it at the bottom of the page is considered my brand's submark. A submark is an alternate logo that meets your branding requirements, but is used in situations where the main or alternate logos may not work best. It is meant to be simpler in design, and used for things like social media (think: Instagram profile picture) and your website's favicon. A favicon is the tiny image you see on your browser tab next to the name of the site that you are on.

Will I own the logos and designs once the project is finished?

Yes! The contract goes into this in more detail, but the short of it is that you will own exclusive rights to the designs and I will retain the ability to share them in my portfolio.


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